Influencer Sit Down – Star Khulu

This month our Miss Black is a Star to say the least, who has been kind enough to take us deep into her wonderful, complex and multifaceted world. Driven by her ambition and desire to see her career not only succeed, but boom! While this girl about town acknowledges the challenges in her life she insists that they are her greatest motivators. A self-confessed avid fashion lover and a food whisperer, we introduce to you none other than Star Khulu otherwise known as The Girl in the Middle. With a blog that serves the purpose of showing women that regardless of where you’re at and what you’re doing that we’re all faced with the juggling acts of daily life, from jobs, businesses and families to getting our hair and nails done and finding time to watch our favourite TV show. A channel that creates a platform that will leads to discussions that uplift and high five Girls in the middle of live, love and everything else. Becoming a fearless female representative of ALL things in the media space of South Africa is the overall dream. Miss Black Influencer – Star Khulu ​@TheGirlInTheMiddle

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