Heritage Month

Channelling Afro-Centric Fashion with Miss Black

  Afrocentric [af-roh-sen-trik] Adj. Centred on Africa or on African-derived cultures, Afrocentric art.   Heritage month is an important time to reflect on our roots, and how where we come from informs where we are going, as well as how we define and portray ourselves stylistically. The vast array of cultures that call Africa home all contain their own defining aesthetics, and these aesthetics have travelled the global, influencing how designers approach fashion, how models approach modelling and how creatives perceive and adopt the uniquely Afrocentric appearance. That’s why this month, we celebrate and channel Afrocentric fashion with Miss Black Footwear, who teamed up with actress Thandy Matlaila for a Heritage Day shoot with all the colour, soul and chic that has become synonymous with Afrocentric fashion. Adorned in brightly patterned dresses and skirts, accentuated by Miss Black sneakers, ankle strap heels and peep toes, sporting either a beaded headband or traditional Izicolo, Thandy channels her inner Afrocentric goddess with impeccable style. Solid planes of neon colour form the backdrop of the shoot, along with contrasting lights that invoke a retro feel, giving the shoot an edgy, experimental energy that presents Miss Black as a forward-thinking brand that is abreast with social trends, and empowers women to embrace Afrocentric fashion.

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